Gravity Remix

Falling backward through time
on a warm January night
with nothing to do
but look up at the stars
and feel yourself stretched into
twenty five billion different directions –
Time falls apart
into a pile of sharp edged
souvenir photographs.

You can’t stop humming that tune –
that first love song dedicated to you.
Being in love is a little like
believing in god you say –
holding the corner with metal pincers
as the flames lick at the
black and white smiles.

That sharp intake of breath
when a stranger’s hand
lights a match
in the pit of your stomach
and you burn
every time you lay awake
under an indifferent sky.
You cut loose the safety wires
and freefall into another mistake.
You look back over your shoulder
at the complete surety
that you will always return
to where you came from.


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