I remember nights I used to come to you looking for answers,
and instead, you gave me comfort, and that was enough.
I would read the great poets and ring with understanding,
there was more than just syntax,
there was struggle and connection,
but now all I see is a Rubix cube, a pre-set chess board,
an intellectual puzzle waiting to be solved.
I miss you.
I spend lonely nights
watching you flicker across the universe
watching other people wrap their minds around you
jealous, wanting to make contact –
without you, I feel moorless.
I cannot stop myself from looking into your eyes
and wishing I can speak your language again.
I let this space grow between us,
I assumed that you would keep coming back,
even if I paid no attention to your constant teasing,
your constant demand for perfection,
I was scared of drowning you with my cliches,
my incompetence. I was never good enough for you.
I should have never let you go.
Come, let me take you by the hand
and introduce you to the loneliness
your absence has created.
Look. A space between us.
Au revoir.
Till we meet again, as friends.


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