You are beautiful
when the lights shine into your eyes
and lights up everything inside –
one space, one breath,
a synchronized heartbeat.
Stars aligned, not slid together by
a cooperative universe,
but yanked together
by the force of your will.
I tell myself, this is the closest I will come to
a perfect kind of happiness –
a complicated happiness
dissolving in our palms,
even before we knew it was there,
before we could breathe it.

You are beautiful,
you – not your pores, hair, muscle –
no, I mean the worlds you hold within you,
the worlds you have the power to unleash
to hold back, give, take, change.
Those worlds bubbling just under your skin
frothing and breaking in your voice, in your dance,
seething under the surface of your silences.
Worlds roaring, rumbling under your dissatisfaction
at the distance between the reality that is, and what could be.

You are beautiful,
not just in the way the light catches in your smile,
but in the way you let yourself be stretched far and deep,
let others be warmed by the flames in you.
There will be other moments like this one, almost perfect,
dissolving and recreating like this night melting away in our breath –
but, remember this space, this feeling,
this synchronized heartbeat. It is a part of us,
and it would never have happened,
if not for you.

Felt more than a little corny after writing this one.


4 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Muah! I absolutely love you Chits! I cant write poetry but right back at you :-*

    Chittz: Loved working with you D, working and so much more.

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