Editing at Midnight

A flick of the slick knife
cuts away the wheeze of clinging clauses
and the whirling worlds of wordy wonders
are slashed with a snickettysnack chop chop
into a pile of well ordered ideas
dropped with a thud onto a page.

The truncated stubby ends of sentences heal
under the crack of fresh mint full stops
free from the granulous gangrene of verbosity.
With no bombastic ballast the words go
flap-flap-flapittyflap and soar away
into the horizon of a new thought.

The abandoned ideas flip away
and flop into the dark corner in your head
where they gyre and spiral like
chickens with their heads cut off.
Tick turns to tock as they wait for the
clunk to click into a new beginning.


13 thoughts on “Editing at Midnight

  1. jeez, u remind me of my editor when he sat down to write his biography. but poignant…loved the imagery of a tick turning into tock 🙂

  2. Okay, this was a mixed one for me. We all can relate to the process of editing — trying to improve the last draft. For me, however, the poem was a bit heavy on words, with no apparent advantage.

    Perhaps it’s just the way you write, or just the way I read. 🙂

  3. if you are pointing a finger at me i meant no offense at all. writing off comments is definitely a blogger’s birthright. 🙂 i just think we have very different views about chittz’s writings.

  4. I loved the ironic use of heavy verbiage in a poem about editing. Different from most other stuff of yours that I have read so far…thanks for writing, as always, no matter whether you hate me for being “anal about grammar” 😀

    Chittz: Obsession about grammar is a good thing 😀 Thank you, it’s a pleasure reading your stuff as well.

    1. Might be, but just read the comments trail from above and you can’t help feeling . . . .

      By the way, relax! The issue is not as serious as you are making it. 🙂

  5. “a pile of well ordered ideas
    dropped with a thud onto a page.” – Wonderful arrangement. I enjoyed the wordplay Chittz.

    Chittz: Thank you Ramya.

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