Perhaps the world would be better in black and white.

The colour dripped out,
the landscape scrubbed with acid
to get out those nitty-gritty stains.




The imaginary lines touch at the imaginary horizon.

A breakdown of
all that you believe in and
all that you are
into sharp angled shapes.



There can be no sunset in grey.


10 thoughts on “Outlines

  1. i love everything you write. this is exceptional. 🙂

    Chittz: Thank you for the kind word Me. I loved your latest as well.

  2. My opinion seems to have changed. I like it! And there does seem to be an underlying thought.

    See, now you know why I have developed an aversion to poetry. I don’t understand it, although I appreciate it.


    Chittz: Glad its grown on you.

    Well, poetry does not need to be understood to mean something. As a wise man once said, “genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.”

  3. Perhaps the world would be better in black and white.


    There can be no sunset in grey.

    seem to be saying two very different things. If it’s a change of heart, it’s not clear why. If it is confusion, it is too un confused (if that makes any sense to you)



    did not make sense to me. Everyway else, awesome.

    Chittz:Would a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle make sense?

  4. An ex-boss used to ask – why should i like sunsets? why cant i hate them? why does everybody assume that we must all collectively like sunsets? (etc etc. he was ed in chief of a national daily, which explains the cynicism). And a friend used to ask, in retrospect …can anybody hate a sunrise?
    Can sunrises be in grey?

    Chittz: Well, he has a point. Doesn’t makes sense to demand the entire human race to unequivocally like sunsets. Got to give them a little room and all that.

    As a friend of mine used to say, rain is just a giant shower.

  5. Yes. All in black and white. With all in absolutes, and none of the “almosts” I spoke of.

    It wouldn’t really be meaningless. In fact, quiet the opposite. But then, I suppose some of us find meaning in abstractions.

    🙂 Liked your work. Will be prowling around here, for sure.

    Chittz: Hello Sherry,

    Do you really think its possible for a world to handle both, the human race and absolutes? I think we rather specialize in cutting corners to suit our own needs.

    Thank you for dropping by the site, hope to see you around soon!

  6. I think mediocrity exists only because perfection is hard to get to. I don’t believe that nothing is perfect. Sour grapes, if you please?

    As far as the matter of cutting corners is concerned, don’t you think it is always a question of convenience against beliefs?

    I personally think that the biting dissatisfaction one feels when living in shades of gray is easily worse than any momentary convenient gratification received at the cost of the cause.
    I also know that most people won’t agree with me.


    And where does perfection exist except in pure science or as an abstract concept?

    People do not do things according to ideals, they do what they need to do to survive. When survival crosses with ideals, for the most part, the priority of survival wins. Whatever twisted belief system we do have ( with all the best rules that is) is not constant for the entire human race. What one person believes in need not hold true for another person, and its because of these shifting lines that world ends up fuzzy anyway.

    And the last line makes you sound like Rand fan.

  7. Of course perfection exists! It’s rare, hard to come by..and harder to achieve, but it exists. If you believe that it doesn’t, aren’t you, in effect, condoning the disease that mediocrity is?

    And I spoke in terms of convenience, instead of survival. Needless to say, it implies the same. Living just to survive is dissatisfying. One needs to live the way they want to. We’re not insects waiting to be trampled underfoot. It’s not just survival we’re going for, it’s brilliance.

    And no one is going to be seeing the world through your eyes. Do you care if the world is blind as long as you can see things in HD?

    I like Rand. Don’t worship her, but I like her.

    Chittz: Where in human life does perfection exist? The whole point of life is that its about choices, and choices inevitably lead to compromises, and where they are compromises, there can be no perfection.

    And what is it with this overwhelming fear of mediocrity? It’s okay to not be the best. Really.

    Actually, living just to survive is pretty much a struggle for a large part of the human race. When there is no food in the belly, where is the question of brilliance?

    And.. I think I missed your HD metaphor.

    (Gak. This conversation makes me feel like a snazzy pseudo-intellectual!)

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