A modest second attempt at photoshopping.


16 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. That’s pretty impressive, Chittz. 🙂

    Chittz: Why, thank you Riya 🙂

    By the way, for whatever reason, the link you have entered along with this post leads me to the ‘Mega Site of Bible Studies and Information’. Not kidding.

    Edit: Aha! You misspelt ‘blogspot’. Will correct.

    1. This ‘blogpsot’ rubbish has happened to me thrice now. It isn’t even funny anymore. Stupid Mega Site of Bible Studies. 😐

      Gak! That’s terrible 😐 ‘Spot’ is a surprisingly difficult word to spell!

  2. I can’t think of a title cheesier than “puzzle of life” *laughs out loud*. But I can’t photoshop either 😦

    I like to idea though, it sort of de-cheeses it a bit 😛

    P.S: I’ve put up a new song, and I’m spamming

    Chittz: I know. The concept however is the centre of this piece, not the title or the prose, however lack-lusture they may be 😛

  3. Great display of Photoshop skills!
    But, very bad example of prose. Didn’t except such a lack-luster and nondescript combination of words from you… 😦

    Chittz: Definitely would not call it great. Concept concept concept! Why does no one appreciate the concept!

    1. Because you have been stereotyped as a writer. And as far as the concept goes, there is nothing novel here, except the representation.

      So, full marks for your artistic skills, and artistic skills only… 🙂

      Perhaps it was better not to have written anything at all and let the readers tax their gray cells – like you do with your poems!

      Thank you for the kind word about my artistic skills though.

      Chittz: So far I’ve been a one trick pony, so I guess its high time I learnt something new and turned myself into a two trick pony!

      1. Then let photoshop, rather than “concept”, be the second trip, and you have all my good wishes!

  4. I like! All my favorite symbols! I appreciate the concept Chittz! I know you a more than a writer 🙂

    Chittz: Thanks a lot D! Means much to me 🙂

    1. I bet it is black paint, to symbolize the dreaded unknown and uncertain, but I’ll wait for Chittz to deliver the verdict. 🙂

      Chittz: And why exactly would we be searching for the dreaded unknown? And if you were implying death, then it is definitely not uncertain. Nah… those things on the other three sides are all positive forces in the cosmic balance 🙂

  5. Thats really clever and so so true

    Chittz: Duma, thank you. I like to optimistically believe that I may be wrong, and there are people out there who’ve solved the puzzle. They just don’t hang out in the blogosphere.

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