Her Name Was Sadness

Speed written with minimal editing.

Sad child,
you know they will never be happy.
The world is not going to become a better place –
it will rip itself apart
piece by piece,
and you will just stand aside and smirk
and say I told-you-so.
You will see the brave falling –
those foolish idealists
who thought they could make a difference
if they tried,
if they cared.
The egotists.
The nihilists.
Death takes all.
And you will stand by its side
smiling your sad smile
watching them go –
pass through the gate,
or into the white light,
or into non existence,
or whatever they believe in.
You will see
the wrenched scream,
the bleated plea,
the silent prayer,
the brave smile,
all with the same indifference.
You tried telling them.
They did not listen.
They scorned you.
They tried to ignore you.
But today you do not laugh at them.
You do not preach
or taunt.
You know that they have something
that you never had.
You know that they had life.
You smile
not with victory,
but with sadness.


3 thoughts on “Her Name Was Sadness

  1. I loved this for some reason!

    Can I commission you to write a post along the lines of “Her name is happiness”

    Use me for inspiration! 😀

    Chittz: But I’ve already written one called “Her Name was Happiness”! You can find it over here!

    Nothing to do with you though 😛

  2. Well, this one makes quite a good read. I don’t know how to extract meaning from poetry, but somehow the semi-abstract nature and beauty of patterns appeals to me. Wish I could judge it critically, but you know me… [:(]

  3. Hi,
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    Chittz: Wow. All the best for the crazy dream, hope you guys have as fun as it sounds!

    Well, there are two things that I am concerned about:

    1) The copywright to re-publish and edit this poem stays with me. The editors can accept or reject the article, but they are not permitted to edit the content without my permission.
    2) Proof that the magazine exists would be lovely. Links, scans,templates anything.

    Once I am assured on the basis of those two questions, we’ll get to the contributing part.

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