This grin splayed on my face

I cannot get rid of this grin
splayed so obscenely across my face.
It lies nude with a curvaceous lip on either side
and brazenly presses itself against them;
courtesans that they are; they don’t seem to mind.
It flows into my blood and infects my mind
with some kind of pleasant insanity.
I am defenseless against this reckless idiocy.
It bullied its way into the lounge
and muscled the regulars out of their couches –
The skeptic was the first to be shown the door
and then the cynic, the nihilist and the perfectionist.
It tut-tuts and tsk-tsks briskly at the grime,
and armed with an apron and a giant broom
sets about some vigorous house cleaning.
The floor is given a complete scrubbing
and the wandering dust balls are shoo-ed.
The grime from the windows comes off slowly,
black layer after black layer slowly peels
giving way to bright sunlight.


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