Time shuffled his wrinkled feet across the cold floor. They made the sound of fine sand rushing through glass endlessly.

“Do you always have to be so far away?” he asked squinting against the blank white expanse, looking very much like a peeved old man.

“Very well,” said a voice, and instantly Time found himself staring into his own lined face reflected on a gleaming white wall. He met Space’s deep eyes in the reflection, and the walls instantly disappeared. Instead they now stood in the middle of darkness – the cosmos spread like a carpet beneath their feet.

“So, how long till we begin?” she asked lounging on a conveniently placed galaxy. Her black cloak flowed into the Universe and wove itself into its fabric.

“As long as we please,” answered Time. He plonked himself down on a bouncy black hole. It sagged a bit under the weight.“I still don’t see what’s so special about this planet No. -” Time swept a small hard bound book from the depths of his robes with a dramatic flourish. Space glanced at the title which Time waved rather obviously under her nose – “Quick Reference Guide to All Celestial Bodies – Was, Is and Ever Will Be.” and was suddenly seized by the desire to study her nails. Time flipped through the pages, equally unconcerned.

“Oh alright,” Space said in exasperation, knowing that she will never be able to beat Time in a game of waiting. He would just keep flipping those pages till the Universe destroyed and re-built itself in infinite number of cycles – and even then he would be there, casually thumbing through the pages of his book, studying the fine print at the bottom of the introduction.

“That’s the book you wrote, isn’t it?” she condescended, finally.

Time looked up, thrilled. He nodded vigorously with a with a grin on his face, “It even has a cross reference index with -”


Space smiled at the form gently pulsing with light that now stood before them.

“Missed me?” asked Energy, placing a light, burning kiss on Space’s forehead. The stars in her eyes gleamed brighter. For a moment they seemed entwined, absorbing hungrily, morphing into each other.

Time cleared his throat noisily. “This planet -”

Instantly Space and Energy sat apart, apparently in rapt attention.

Time continued, ignoring them. “This planet,” he consulted his book again, “code named EARTH – I don’t see what’s so special about it that we have to individually cater to it. Why can’t it be like everything else and go through with its own cycle?”

“One of the Powers that Be was a bit bored and wanted a bit of a fireworks show I expect. And most probably we were the only Great Family free – “ said Space her voice abruptly erupting into a high pitched giggle.

“And due to our small number we must have been the easiest to assemble,” Energy added with an expression of studied innocence as Space broke out into another fit of giggles.

Time scowled at the two of them and snapped the book shut. He rose with the creaking sound of infinite ponderous clocks, looked at a distant blue twinkle, and with the inevitability of death, said, – “Let us begin.”


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