Beautiful Things

I wish I could look within myself
and find something beautiful to say.
Something to do with steering stars
and a box full of cheeky grins.
About a plain rainbow, unfurled,
Waiting for the palette of our dreams.

About how in the pitter-patter of raindrops
the sky shyly serenades the earth.
And how to the heartbeat of a firefly
Dance the mischievous shadows of the night.
About the music of long pauses,
where questions need no longer be asked.

About how each time you gaze upwards
Desperately seeking for a miracle –
The universe hugs you close
with the warmth of a new sunrise
and whispers in your ear, the secret of hope –
Perhaps today will be when the greys clear.

I wish I knew the right words,
All minty and sparkling with freshness,
I wish I had a prettily turned out metaphor,
Perhaps the perfect choice of phrase –
To say besides these whimsical pretty baubbles
Just how much you mean to me.


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