2:30 a.m. and floundering through HUGE writers’ block. brain feels ossified.

There is a place, inside your mind,


Infinite stars sparkle over the mud track – like infinite diamonds. Everything shimmers under the faint silver light of the coy moon – as though touched by magic.

You smile.

You don’t believe in magic any more.

You take a few hesitant steps forward.

You walk slowly – breathing in the frosted air. A pleasant shudder passes down your spine.

You run.

You jump.

You look around quickly – there is no one around. You laugh for no reason. The air rushes into your lungs.

You jump – higher and higher. Maybe if you jump high enough you will taste a star.

You tumble when your foot catches on something in the dust.

A compass.

You can almost hear it cutting through the air in indecision.

The ground starts to move beneath your feet.

Tossing and turning.

Groaning and retching.

You stand – unafraid.

The heaving ground throws you up – towards the stars. You try to believe you can fly.

You fall.

The Earth wraps you tightly into her bosom.

You can no longer see the stars.

Hear words – whispered – you do not understand them.

Something curls down your throat – moist and tough. A root.

The kind that creeps beneath closed and forgotten doors.

You open your mouth to scream – there is no sound.

You close your eyes, trying to shut out the darkness.

There is no light behind closed lids.

You lay silent – entombed.

Inside your mind.


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